Nick Denton Says Leaking New iPhone Details On Gizmodo Did Not Make Extra Profit

Posted Apr 23, 2010

A story written by Gizmodo editors Jason Chen and Jesus Diaz about the new iPhone has hit about 8 million views, 9,000+ diggs, 35,000+ retweets, etc. You figure Gizmodo brought in a lot of extra money for parent company Gawker Media and the company founder Nick Denton. However Denton admitted that breaking the news about the new iPhone did not make him any extra money. To buy the iPhone from the thief, Gawker paid $5,000. On top of that there was $7,000 in extra bandwidth for the servers. Chen and Diaz will most likely be paid for traffic bonuses too. And lastly are “whatever legal bills we end up paying,” said Denton. [DailyFinance]