Nielsen: Americans Spend Over 2 Billion Hours On Social Media Per Month

Posted Dec 3, 2012

Facebook has over one billion users and now photos are automatically being synced to the social network from mobile devices.  Americans are now spending over two billion hours on social media every month according to Nielsen’s annual Social Media Report.  Americans are spent collectively around 121 billion minutes on social media websites in July 2012 alone.

This is up from 88 billion in the year before.  That is a lot of lost productivity, but then again a lot of people make a living on social media.  Facebook has around 200 million users in the United States and the population of the country is around 312 million.

Of that 200 million user count, a lot of them are duplicates.    The 121 billion minutes is equal to around 230,000 years.  When this is divided by the number of every American, it means that around 13 minutes are spent per person per day using social media services.