Nike Announces The Nike+ FuelBand SE

Posted Oct 15, 2013

Today Nike has announced the Nike+ FuelBand SE.  The FuelBand SE is available in yellow, pink, or red with a black accent.  The FuelBand SE has Bluetooth 4.0 support.  The FuelBand SE lets users track individual sessions and see Fuel points earned in real-time.  Nike also made improvements to the Nike+ system, which was refined to accurately track different activity types.

The FuelBand SE has hourly reminders that asks you to move around for five minutes if you stop exercising for a while.  You can double-tap the FuelBand SE to show the current time.  The FuelBand SE has a curve graph that encourages movement every hour and an intensity level indicator that shows points are users work out or are performing physical activity.

The FuelBand SE competes directly against the Fitbit Force.  The FuelBand SE will be arriving November 6th and will cost $149.  No Android or Windows Phone 8 support yet.  Only iOS and the Nike+ website is supported for right now.

[Source: TheVerge]