Nikesh Arora Shuffling Around Sales Execs At Google

Posted May 26, 2009

Nikesh Arora and Tim Armstrong were the two of the top sales leaders at Google when Armstrong was still on board.  Both of them would compete with each other on how well their sales organization was.  Armstrong was the head of U.S. sales and Arora was the head of Europe.  Since then Armstrong quit Google to become CEO and Chairman of AOL.

Now that Tim Armstrong is gone and Arora has stepped up as the President of Global Sales Ops and Business Development at Google, there has been some shuffling around.  Arora hired Dennis Woodside to replace Armstrong.  Woodside is a former analyst at McKinsey that has strength in analytics and data.

Here are some of the additional changes:
– The East, West, and Central sales organizations for Google AdWords will be dissolved and they will be focusing on vertical industries.
– Print related jobs will be eliminated and will be given the opportunity to apply for other jobs within the company.

– Penry Price has become VP of agency and industry relations.
– Jon McAteer will be responsible for retail and technology clients.
– Jim Lecinski is working with B2B, consumer-packaged goods businesses, local, and healthcare clients
– Bonita Stewart is responsible for automotive, financial, media, travel, and entertainment

[via BusinessInsider]