Nikki Finke Files Lawsuit Against

Posted Oct 4, 2010

Popular Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke has filed a lawsuit against Apparently lifts articles from Finke’s verbatim. is owned by Media Corp. filed a copyright infringement lawsuit at the U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against Arthur Meyerovich and Alina Kaganovsky, the owners of

“Defendants have copied countless original and copyrighted articles from Deadline and posted these articles verbatim on Box Office World,” stated the complaint filed by Finke. “By stealing Deadline’s content, defendants have generated Internet traffic, earned advertising revenue, and sold products that they otherwise would not have but for their theft of Deadline’s content.”

The complaint listed 21 examples of stories that were stolen including “Lucas Converting ‘Star Wars Saga’ to 3D” and “It’s Official: Fox Cancels ‘Lone Star.'”

This isn’t the first company Finke has taken to court. Fink sued Etrade for a recording and Women’s Wear Daily for lifting content. Finke was also in a legal conflict with HBO because they are developed a comedy called Tilda. Tilda is about a female Hollywood blogger that is similar to Finke.

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