Nimble Receives $1 Million From Mark Cuban, Jason Calacanis, Don Dodge, Dharmesh Shah, Google Ventures, Etc.

Posted Jan 5, 2012

Nimble is a customer relationship management startup company that has raised $1 million in funding from Mark Cuban, Dharmesh Shah, Jason Calacanis, Don Dodge, Google Ventures, etc.  Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara believes that Nimble is a combination of Hootsuite, Yammer, and

Using Nimble, instead of having to cc: and bcc: their communications, Nimbler users will be able to use OAuth into Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google to bring their contacts and messaging contacts into Nimble.  Nimble will notify you if one of your contacts starts using a different service.  Users will be able to control whether information should be visible or not by setting Nimble defaults to private.

Ferrara will be using the funding to expand their 20 person team and make hire developers and marketers.  About 25,000 customers have joined Nimble since launched in September.