Nine-Year-Old Mackenzie Wilson Raises Over $11,000 From Kickstarter For Video Game Project

Posted Mar 22, 2013

Mackenzie Wilson, 9, has a goal to build a video game while seeking help from crowd-funding.  Wilson, wanted to raise $829 from Kickstarter to build a role playing game, but she already raised over $13,000 with 28 days still left to go.  “Mean older brothers say she can’t so my daughter’s proving she can do what they can’t – BUILD HER OWN RPG game AND pay for it!” said the description on the Kickstarter page.

Wilson was not legally allowed to create the Kickstarter page herself since she is too young so her mother, Susan Wilson, created it.  The funding will be used for Mackenzie to attend an RPG STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) camp so that she can design  the game.

“Most people call me Kenzie. I’m 9, in 3rd grade, and I’m getting straight A’s. I’ve always been the tallest person in my class and this year I’m actually taller than my teacher. I love computers, video games, apps, and role playing games – especially Magic the Gathering and Borderlands 2 that I get to play with my Dad (because my 15 & 16 year old brothers are too mean to play with me). But we do have D&D tournaments on the weekends which is cool. My favorite PS3 game right now is Dragon Age II,” said Mackenzie on her Kickstarter page.

Below is a video from her Kickstarter page: