Ning Hits 200,000 Custom Social Networks

Posted Mar 17, 2008

Ning Background
Ning is a company that creates custom social network platforms for small businesses and enterprises.  The company was founded by Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini.  Ning is Marc’s third startup company.  Marc previously founded Netscape and Opsware.  On Marc’s personal blog, he posted that he was delighted that Ning crossed the creation of 200,000 social networks.  Ning means “peace” in Chinese.

Ning Statistics
Over 70% of the social networks created using Ning are active.  Of the 200,000 social networks created using Ning, less than 1% are related to adult content.  Based on the current growth rate, Ning anticipates reaching 300,000 social networks in the next few weeks [Source:].

Ning’s total funding is at $44 million.  The funding was provided by both Andreessen and Legg Mason Inc.

[Information Source: DigitalPodcast]