Nintendo Game Boy turns 25 years old

Posted Apr 21, 2014

Nintendo released the original Game Boy in Japan on April 21, 1989. The Game Boy looked like a brick and used black and gray pixels on a green background. What made the Game Boy interesting was that it was one of the first portable gaming consoles to spark an interest with a massive audience. The button arrangement looked just like a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller.


Nintendo was a trusted brand when the Game Boy was launched and Tetris came bundled with it. Nintendo launched follow-up devices to the Game Boy like the Game Boy Pocket (1996), the Game Boy Light in Japan (1998), the Game Boy Color (1998), Game Boy Advance (2001), Game Boy Advance SP (2003), and Game Boy Micro (2005). Game Boy started to wind down when Nintendo released the DS in 2004.

The Game Boy has now turned 25 years old. Happy 25th birthday Game Boy!

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