Nintendo Has Sold Over 268 Million Consoles and 385 Million Handhelds In The Last 30 Years

Posted Aug 6, 2013

Over the last 30 years, Nintendo has developed many consoles and handheld devices like the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), the SNES, the Game Boy, the Nintendo 64, the Wii, the Wii U, Nintendo DS, etc.

Today Nintendo announced the number of consoles and handhelds that they have sold in the last 30 years.  Nintendo has sold a total of 268.97 million consoles and 385.15 million handheld units.  These numbers are based on every SKU for all of Nintendo’s consoles.

Nintendo has sold a total of 2.195 billion software units (games) for their consoles and 1.907 billion for handheld devices so far.

You can read more about Nintendo’s milestones on their annual report.