Nintendo Is Now Selling Wii Fit Plus

Posted Oct 5, 2009

Over the weekend, Nintendo launched Wii Fit Plus. This video game will most likely become one of the best selling games during the holiday season as its predecessor was at the top of the gaming charts for a long period. The game will be available for purchase in 2 ways:
1. Game + balance board
2. Just the game for users who bought the original game plus the board

The Wii Fit Plus has 20 new games which includes Segway and skateboarding. Workouts can be made from between 5 minutes and 1 hour. The game+balance board combo sells for $99.99 and the game itself costs $19.99. The Wii Fit Plus can also read data from the original game on the Wii. The original Wii Fit sold well over 8 million copies since the game launched in May 2008.