Nintendo Reports 8.5% Gain In Annual Profit

Posted May 9, 2009

Nintendo has posted some interesting results to their bottom line.  Their annual profit has risen 8.5% which and they have their Wii and DS consoles to thank.  However the company is forecasting a sales slowdown due to a weak economy.  They are doing fairly well compared to other Japanese companies such as Toyota and Hitachi, who have been reporting record losses.

Nintendo has collected 279.09 billion yen ($2.8 billion) in net profit for the year ending March 31.  This is up from 257.34 billion the year before.  The video game industry as a whole has been fairly strong compared to other industries impacted by the economy.

The Nintendo Wii hit 50 million unit sales faster than any other video game console.  So far about 50.39 million Wii units have been sold.  The Nintendo DS has sold about 101.78 million.  Last month, the Nintendo DSi was introduced in the U.S.