Nintendo Sued For Weak Wii Controller Straps

Posted Dec 12, 2008

Nintendo of America, Inc. has been sued for having weak game controller straps for their Wii console.  Many people have complained that the straps are not suited for regular gameplay as they have a tendency to fly out of a player’s hands and smash against TVs and walls.  Two years ago, Nintendo made an offer to replace 3.2 million game straps through a voluntary replacement program.  However plaintiff Molly Elvig of Colorado alleges that Nintendo’s reviewing of the Wiimote straps have been insufficient.

The lawsuit was filed on December 2 and it revolves around Wiimote Strap #3.  Wiimote Strap #3 was introduced to the market in the middle of 2007 and was supposed to “lock the wrist strap.”  Elvig’s attorney alleges that every wrist strap introduced by Nintendo continues to fail.  Nintendo is also being accused of covering up evidence that was made by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, an organization that pushed for the Wii Strap replacement program.

?Despite actual knowledge of hundreds of incidents involving broken televisions over time and subsequent to December 27, 2006,? stated the complaint, ?Defendant failed to report the existence of even a single ?Incident? to the CPSC in its Monthly Reports to the CPSC.?  Elvig’s attorney for this case is Robert Kleinman.