Nintendo Wii To Start Selling For $199 On September 27

Posted Sep 26, 2009

Earlier this week it was rumored that Nintendo was slashing the price of the Wii. It turns out the rumor is true. Over the last 3 years the console was selling for $249.99 and now it will be selling for $199.99. The $199.99 price includes a controller, Wii Sports game, a Nunchuk controller, and wireless sensor bar.

“Since the launch of Wii our goal has been to expand the gaming population and get more consumers into this industry that we love. While we have sold more Wiis (21 million-plus in the U.S.; and more than 50 million worldwide) than any home console after 34 months — and over 100 million DS (systems) — we think there is still significant opportunity to get more consumers into gaming. Just here in the U.S. we think that opportunity is minimally 50 million consumers in U.S., by continuing to offer more and more value,” stated Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime in an interview with

For those of you that spent $250 recently on the console, some retailers are willing to accommodate the difference.