Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (7201) To Showcase Nismo Smartwatch Concept At Frankfurt Motor Show

Posted Sep 9, 2013

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (TYO:7201) unexpectedly announced a smart-watch product today called the Nismo.  Nissan Nismo is the first device of it’s kind to connect the driver and the car.  The Nismo is still in concept-mode, but it will be showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The Nissan Nismo is designed for owners of only Nismo-optimized performance vehicles, but it could be scaled to work on other Nissan vehicles if the demand is there.  Nissan Nismo can connect to the car through a smartphone and Bluetooth, which means that it was created to work as a companion device.  This is similar to the way that the Samsung Galaxy Gear connects to the Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1, which was announced earlier this month.

The Nissan Nismo has the ability to monitor the efficiency of the vehicle, including average speed and fuel consumption.  The display of the watch can also show road and traffic information.  It can also monitor the heart rate of the driver.

The driver can also receive social media notifications on the Nissan smart-watch.

Nissan’s smart-watch has a lithium-ion battery and can be charged through micro-USB.    It will be available in black, white, and red.

Below is a video announcement of the Nismo:

[Source: Digital Trends]