“No FarmVille, I Will NOT Buy Your Water,” Says Reddit Users [SCREENSHOT]

Posted Jun 9, 2010

I actually laughed out loud when I saw the caption “No FarmVille, I will not BUY your water” and saw this picture of FarmVille water submitted by Reddit user badgettz. The story even gets better when you read the comments. Apparently 7-11 and Zynga have some sort of FarmVille branding agreement. 7-11 sells FarmVille-branded water and sandwiches. Below are some of the best comments in response to this promotion.

“Screw your farmville water, now get out of my way so i can buy that halo mountain dew!” by MrBacon

“I will be SO glad when this Farmville/7-11 marketing thing is over. I don’t want my sandwich “FarmVille Fresh”, TYVM, I’d rather it was made in the real world.” by lundah

“Burger King whopper, only $0.99 for a limited time only. By limited they mean the last 20 years.” by snarfy

“This Farmville Brand 711 Purified Water tastes suspiciously like a f**king joke.” by effinboy

“If I were a religious person I’d surely see the Farmville branded products at 7-11 as the opening of the Seventh Seal to bring about the Apocalypse and the end of the world. Instead it just bugs the shit out of me.” by shakeyjake

“I saw this at a gas station store the other day. I just assumed the world had finally crossed the last border into insanityworld.” by erovverton

“I saw YoVille cookies at my neighborhood 7-11… this s**t is out of control.” by jaynesbluewish

“I’m sure there is a joke in here somewhere about buying Farmville water and pouring it onto your keyboard to receive some kind of growth bonus, but I’m not caffeinated enough to put it into words.” by Adamanteve

“I would never buy Farmville water. But I would live off of Fallout purified water if they made that.” by hirhockey

“Seriously, what the f**k farmville?” by Helcionelloida