No RSS Button In Firefox 4? [RANT]

Posted Jan 16, 2011

Dave Winer is an Internet pioneer. He helped paved the way for XML-RPC, RSS, OPML, and the MetaWeblog API. His blog Scripting News is one of the oldest weblogs in the world as it established in 1997. Apparently in the next major release of Firefox, they are removing the “RSS” button from the address bar. Winer said that “this is an unnecessary step backward” and he wants subscribing to websites to get easier, not harder. I must say that I agree with Winer here. When I watch my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. use their computers, they are completely oblivious about what RSS is. There needs to be some sort of middle-ground between RSS-savvy people like myself and the average computer user.

I am completely dependent on RSS to find out what the most important news of the day is. By removing the RSS button as a whole, that means that a lot of people will have no idea how useful the feeds are. Personally what I would like to see is the RSS button in the address bar and when you click on it, it suggests that you subscribe to the feed in Google Reader,, etc. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.