Noah Glass Came Up With The Name Twitter And He Considers Himself A Co-Founder

Posted Apr 13, 2011 did a thorough interview with Noah Glass. Glass worked at Odeo before the idea for Twitter even came up at that company. Glass was fired from Odeo, the former parent company of Twitter back in 2006. Glass was a co-founder of Odeo, who had an investor that eventually became CEO Evan Williams. Odeo was a podcasting start-up company that faced immense competition from iTunes. Williams told everyone at Odeo to come up with a different idea.

Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, and developer Florian Webber pitched Twitter to Williams. Glass came up with the name himself. Twitter spun out of Odeo as its own company after Williams liked the idea. Williams bought back the assets, including Twitter back from investors and renamed the company Obvious. Glass was fired shortly after.

Glass strongly believes that he should be considered a co-founder in Twitter, but he is never acknowledged in the origin. When working at Odeo, Glass found out that Dorsey was not interested in the project he was working on either. Both became obsessed with Twitter after they came up with the idea.

“We were sitting on Mission St. in the car in the rain. We were going out and I was dropping him off and having this conversation. There was a moment where it all fit together for me,” stated Glass in the interview. “We went back to Odeo and put together a team. A very separate working team, mostly it was myself, Jack, and Florian [Webber], a contractor. [Florian] was working from Germany at the time.”

When asked about whether he has equity in Obvious, Glass said that he didn’t walk away with anything initially. At a later time, he received a certain amount of equity in Twitter. And he received a small amount of cash during the buyback.