Local Rabbi Returns $98K Found In $200 Desk Bought On Craigslist

Posted Nov 11, 2013

When Rabbi Noah Muroff bought a desk for less than $200 on Craigslist, he had no idea that he would discover $98,000 in a plastic bag in the desk.  Rabbi Noah Muroff and his wife started to disassemble the desk and discovered that one of the drawers in the desk contained a plastic shopping bag containing the money.

Muroff is a high school Rabbi at Yeshiva of New Haven, CT.  Muroff and his wife knew that they couldn’t keep the money and feel right about that.  This is when the couple called the original owner of the desk and returned the money.  The owner hid her inheritance in the desk and forgot about it.

In a note sent to Muroff, the owner of the desk said:

“I cannot thank you enough for your honesty and integrity. I do not think there are too many people in this world that would have done what you did by calling me. I do like to believe that there are still good people left in this crazy world we live in. You certainly are one of them.”

Above is a video of the news.

[Source: Mashable]