Nokia Phones To Get Amber Update This August

Posted Jun 29, 2013

Nokia’s Lumia line of products are powered by the Windows Phone operating system.  The Windows Phone operating system gets updated regularly and Nokia often patches phones with their Amber software.  The Lumia 925 already came with the “Amber” update, but many of the phones are still waiting for the update.

It is unknown whether the Amber update will be offered on the previous versions of Windows Phone like 7.8, 7.5, and 7.  Likely we will see Amber on just Windows Phone 8.  Nokia said that the Lumia Amber update will be available to the Lumia line of devices that are running on Windows Phone later this year.

According to PocketNow, Nokia Spain wrote in a tweet that the Lumia Amber update will be coming this August.  This will bring the same user experience that is found on the Lumia 925 to other Nokia powered Windows Phones.  This includes the addition of the Nokia Smart Camera and the Nokia Glance screen feature.  The Amber update will also display the clock and other details on the screen while the device is sleeping.