Nokia Ending N-Gage Project

Posted Nov 3, 2009

The N-Gage is a mobile phone that was designed to be more user friendly for gaming. The mobile phone was based on the Series 60 line of Nokia products and was officially launched in October 2003. The device was intended to challenge the Game Boy Advance.

Around 2005 Nokia said that they are planning to add the same capabilities as the N-Gage to smartphones. The N-Gage did not actualy get an app store until February 2008. Now Nokia has announced that they are ending the N-Gage by the end of 2010. The launch price of the device when it launched was about $299. One of the reasons why the gaming/mobile device did not take off as much as Nokia anticipated was because the lack of a good number of games.

In total the company estimated to have shipped slightly over 2 million units. When the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS handheld consoles were released, it was even more bad news for the N-Gage. If you own an N-Gage what do you think of Nokia ceasing the development of the device?