Nokia Files Additional Cases In Patent Lawsuit Against HTC

Posted May 25, 2013

Nokia Corporation has filed additional cases in a patent lawsuit against HTC, according to AllThingsD.  This is a second complaint filed to the U.S. International Trade Commission and federal lawsuit in Southern California.  In May 2012, Nokia filed 11 patent lawsuits against HTC, RIM, and ViewSonic.  Nokia has asserted 50 patents across various complaints around the world, including 9 added through new actions.

?We began actions against HTC in 2012 to end the unauthorized use of our proprietary innovations and technologies,? stated Nokia. ?Since then, despite the German courts confirming infringements of Nokia patents in HTC products, HTC has shown no intention to end its practices; instead it has tried to shift responsibility to its suppliers. We have therefore taken these further steps to hold HTC accountable for its actions.?

Nokia’s legal battle with HTC is just one out of many pending patent lawsuits between multiple mobile companies.  Samsung and Apple have major lawsuits against each other and so does Microsoft and Motorola.