Nokia Ovi Store To Have Over 20,000 Titles At Launch

Posted May 11, 2009

Nokia is gearing up to launch their iPhone App Store competition called the Ovi Store.  The competitive advantage that Nokia has is that they are the largest handset manufacturer in the world.  The Ovi Store is expected to launch by the end of this month 20,000 titles strong.

Apple launched with only a few hundred applications in their store and it took them several months to hit the 20,000 mark.  However when Nokia announced 20,000 titles, it doesn’t exactly mean just applications.  It means applications, video clips, audio files, and other entertainment.

The Nokia Ovi Store will come built in to the N97 handset.  The N97 features a touchscreen and QWERTY keyboard.  The store will come preloaded on all phones that are shipped after the launch of the store.  Using the GPS chip built in to the phone, the Ovi Store will even recommend applications for users to download.

[via PCW]