Nokia To Close Down The Last Production Facility They Have In Finland

Posted Jul 30, 2012

Nokia Corporation will be shutting down their final production facility in Finland as the company struggles to stay competitive against rivals like Google and Apple.  The plant closures are part of Nokia’s plan to cut costs.

Nokia announced that the plant would be shutting down and that 3,700 jobs would be cut.  The plant closure process started on June 14th and the company will be ending 10,000 jobs.  The Saio, Finland plant is the last remaining cellphone manufacturing location in Western Europe.

Nokia used to lead the worldwide cell phone market, but today they have failed to adapt in a smartphone market where people are buying up Apple iOS, Google Android, and RIM BlackBerry devices.  Nokia just recently started in the smartphone market by partnering with Microsoft on Windows Phone.  Before that, Nokia used to run on the Symbian OS.