Nokia has announced a $30 NFC tag so you won’t lose your phone

Posted Feb 19, 2014

Nokia has announced a new accessory that helps Lumia smartphone owners keep track of their device. If you leave your house with the tagged keys or bag, the user will be reminded about picking up their phone as well.

The Nokia device is called Treasure Tag. The Treasure Tag is a smart fob that can be paired with NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. The Nokia Lumia smartphone needs to run on the Lumia Black update to link the two devices. If the user moves out of range of the other, then an alarm will sound to alert the user.

The alarm can be muted or put to sleep through an app. The Treasure Tag system supports lost tagged items like keys or bags. The lost item can be tracked on a map within the app.

The battery life of each Treasure Tag is believed to set at up to around “six months.”

The Treasure Tag is going to start selling in April with a cost of ?24,90 ($29.90). The color options include bright yellow, cyan, white, or black.