Non-iPhone Smartphone Owners Are Not Loyal To Brand [SURVEY]

Posted Nov 29, 2010

According to a survey by GfK, smartphone owners show very little loyalty to the brand they have. About 56% of global smartphone owners in the key global markets remain open about the next brand of phone they get. Apple seems to be the only company that has a strong loyalty. “Loyalty with a handset is a lot more complicated these days in that people buy into experiences at the high-end level,” stated the survey lead analyst Ryan Garner.

In the survey, about 25% of smartphone owners planned on staying loyal to the operating system that their phone runs on. About 59% of Apple users said that they plan on staying loyal. And about 35% of BlackBerry said that they would stay loyal. Google Android had 28% and Nokia had 24%.

The sample size of the survey was 2,653 people across the U.S., China, Brazil, Germany, Spain, and Britain between October and November.