Norihiko Saito Wins $3.3M Lawsuit Against Apple For Click Wheel Patent

Posted Sep 30, 2013

Japanese inventor Norihiko Saito has won a lawsuit against Apple related to the click wheel system that was used in many of the older iPod models.  The current generation of the iPod Classic has a similar click wheel system.


A district court in Tokyo told Apple that they will need to pay ¥330 million or $3.3 million in damages to Saito.  Saito applied for a patent that covers this technology back in 1998.  Apple started to use this technology in 2004.

Saito filed an injunction request with the Tokyo Customs in 2007 and requested that iPod imports in Japan should be blocked because his patent was allegedly being infringed on.  This led to settlement negotiations.

After three rounds of negotiations, they were unable to make a settlement.  Saito raised his damages claim to to ¥10 billion ($101 million) following the negotiations based on the sales of the iPod at that time.  That is when the courts decided to lower the amount because they believed the patent does not warrant that high of an amount.

[Source: Ubergizmo]