North Carolina May Charge Extra For Owning A Hybrid Or Electric Car

Posted Jun 10, 2013

Despite hybrid and electric cars making the country energy efficient and helping conserve the environment, the state of North Carolina may add an extra fee for consumers that own a hybrid or electric car.  The reason why the country is adding the fee is because gas taxes are a large source of funding.  They do not want to lose that money due to a drop in sales for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Several North Carolina state senators want an annual $100 registration fee for electric car owners and a $50 fee for hybrid car owners, according to the Associated Press.  The state government would be able to raise an extra $1.5 million every year for this extra fee.  Before this goes into law, the bill still has to pass through the North Carolina House.

?I think so far what we?re seeing is the trend seems to be either an additional annual fee or some type of registration fee seems to be much more popular than the miles-driven tax, because that is a newer technology and raises some privacy concerns,? stated Kristy Hartman, a transportation and environment analyst at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

There are 10 other states that may consider an extra charge against electric and hybrid cars.

[Image Credit: Digital Trends]