North Carolina Police Use Google Maps Search History As Evidence Against Brad Cooper

Posted Apr 15, 2011

In July 2008 Nancy Cooper went for a jog in Cary, North Carolina. However she disappeared. Her body was found in a drainage ditch near Holly Springs Road and Fielding Drive outside of Cary town limits. After an autopsy, it was discovered that Nancy was strangled.

An FBI investigator found evidence that Google Maps photos of the area where Nancy’s body was discovered was accessed on her husband’s computer the day before the murder. Coincidence? Unlikely.

Now Brad Cooper is being accused of killing his wife in their home in Cary on July 12, 2008. Brad then dumped the body in the drainage ditch. Durham police detective Chris Chappell said that multiple aerial photos of the area where the body was ditched was accessed on Brad’s laptop at 1:15PM on July 11, 2008 while at work. Brad zoomed in on the map to see multiple views of the area too.

Witnesses have testified the troubles that Brad and Nancy’s marriage had in the days before the murder took place. Cooper’s defense attorneys claim that their client is innocent and that his computers were tampered with.

[WRAL via Gizmodo]