North Oaks, Minnesota Wanted Photos Of Their City Off Google Maps Street View; Google Fixes The Problem Quickly

Posted Jun 1, 2008

“It’s not the hoity-toity folks trying to figure out how to keep the world away,” stated Thomas Watson, Mayor of North Oaks. “They really didn’t have any authorization to go on private property.”

North Oaks, Minnesota is a city with 4,500 residents and they are not happy with Google Maps.  The residents feel that they are victims of invasion of privacy by Google Maps Street View.  The roads of North Oaks, Minn. are owned privately by the residents of the city. 

However, North Oaks is not the only one wanting to ban Google from taking photos of their property.  The Pentagon has also banned Google Maps from taking photos of their military facilities.  And a couple in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sued Google over the photos taken in the private area in front of their home.

“This is very rare where an entire town would request to be taken off,” stated Elaine Filadelfo, a Google spokeswoman.  Google removed the images right away.

The city can still be seen from a Satellite view from Live Search Maps and Google Maps since this did not violate city ordinances.  Google Maps Street View photos are obtained by a car driving around with the Google logo and a camera attached to the top of the car.

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