Northwestern Student, Stephen Frayne Jr. Owns, But Olympics Committee Wants It

Posted Sep 21, 2008

Stephen Frayne Jr., a 29 year old Northwestern Kellogg School of Management MBA student bought the domain name  The U.S. Olympic Committee and the team working on a bid for the city of Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics is negotiating with Frayne for the domain name.  Frayne bought the domain name in 2004, two years before the city of Chicago made the  bid. 

Frayne owns several domain names with cities in front of the number, 2016.  Frayne also owns Tokyo2016.  Frayne is currently studying entrepreneurship.  On October 2, 2009 the International Olympic Committee will decide between Chicago, Tokyo, Madrid, and Rio de Janeiro. 

“We certainly see as the logical default domain for our site, and we believe having someone else control it is misleading for people seeking information about Chicago’s bid,” stated Patrick Sandusky, spokesman for Chicago 2016.  The city of Chicago applied to win control of the .com domain name through an international arbitration organization according to The Chicago Tribune. 

Frayne appeared at the U.S. District Court in Chicago to attempt to prevent the arbitration process.  Frayne set up a forum website to discuss whether his First Amendment rights are being violated.