Norway Blocks Apple From 3D Mapping

Posted Aug 13, 2013

The country of Norway is blocking Apple from taking 3D images of buildings in Oslo due to national security fears.  The National Security Authority in Norway told Apple that they are not allowed to fly over Oslo to take the 3D imagery, which is a feature built in to Apple’s Maps application.  In order to display a 3D representation of cities around the world, Apple has to map around buildings.

Øyvind Mandt, the National Security Authority director, said that he has concerns that Apple would inadvertently reveal sensitive security features that are associated with buildings in the cities.

Apple launched the Maps App in iOS 6 last year, but it has several bugs like poor directions and distorted 3D renderings.  Apple acquired C3 Technologies to design the Apple Maps application.  C3 Technologies imaged Oslo in the past, but there has been changes in policies since C3 took the images.

[Source: 9to5Mac]