Note To Self: Don’t Tweet Out When Going On Vacation

Posted Jun 2, 2009

Israel Hyman is an online video editor tutor that sent out a Twitter message that he was going to Kansas City to take some video footage.  Possibly knowing that Hyman and his family was going to be out of town, that gave ample time for a thief to break into his son’s house and steal his Mac Pro and two displays.

Below are some of the tweets Hyman wrote about the incident:
1. We made it to Kansas City in one piece. We’re visiting @noellhyman’s family. Can’t wait to get some good video while we’re here. 🙂 7:19 PM May 24th from Tweetie
2. Well, it’s confirmed. Someone stole my Mac Pro and two displays while I’m visiting relatives here in Kansas City. 9:02 PM May 27th from Tweetie
3. Thanks for all the condolences everyone. The good news is that the police are dusting for fingerprints tomorrow. I wish I could see that! 9:35 PM May 27th from Tweetie
4. Interesting that the thief left our Xbox 360 and the Wii. They left the Drobo. But they took the Mac Pro, two displays, and printer.7:46 AM May 28th from Tweetie
5. Just got off the phone with a reporter from ABC15 who wants to do a story about our break-in, and being careful about tweeting you’re away. 2:17 PM May 28th from Tweetie

Don’t tweet out too much information about your whereabouts.  This incident could really happen to anyone.

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