Note To Self: Turn Off Phone When Watching The New York Philharmonic

Posted Jan 14, 2012

When walking into a meeting, a dinner date, or a student lecture hall, one of the first thing that someone does is turn their phone on silent. Because if you forget to turn it off and you receive a call in the middle, it could be rather embarrassing. Patron X, as referred to by The New York Times, learned this the hard way when watching the New York Philharmonic symphony. While the orchestra was playing the end of Mahler’s Symphony No. 9, Patron X’s cellphone started to ring and he did not know that it was his since it as a new iPhone. Conductor Alan Gilbert stopped asked the orchestra to stop and wait until the phone stopped ringing. Patron X was so upset with himself about the incident that he could not sleep for two days. He apologized to Gilbert personally for it and he was forgiven. [New York Times]