Now Even Chainsaws Are Being Powered By USB

Posted Jul 13, 2009

Out of all the USB-powered gadgets I’ve written about in the past, I think that the i.Saw Chainsaw takes the prize for being the wackiest.  The i.Saw can be preordered at a price of $60+shipping.  All it takes for the saw to work is to be plugged in to a USB plug-and-play port.  Although the saw is much smaller than a real saw, it is still able to cut through wood.

The i.Saw works on Mac or PC.  The guide bar size is about 10″ and there are replaceable accessories available on i.Saw’s website.  There is also a safety activation button and protective guard built in.

When I think of the i.Saw I can only think of that scene in Office Space where the three employees take a bat to the printer in an open field. With the iSaw, you don’t even need to take the printer to an open field, just demolish it on the spot.  WHY DOES IT SAY PAPERJAM WHEN THERE IS NO PAPERJAM?!