Now I’ve Seen Everything: Check Out This Robotic Miltary “Big Dog”

Posted Feb 27, 2009

Check out the way that this thing climbs terrain. Watching this thing walk along the U.S. Army soldiers makes it feel like that you are watching a real animal walk alongside them. The Big Dog robot’s legs adjust to uphill and downhill situations.

The Big Dog was developed by Boston Dynamics. The Big Dog has a built in navigation system and some of the most advanced artificial intelligence features. One of the Army soldiers said in the video that it would be useful to carry items, allowing the human soldiers to move around quicker. Big Dog can run, walk slowly, lay down, and be loaded and unloaded with items. As soon as I saw Big Dog in action, it made me belive that living like The Jetsons isn’t too far away.

[via Gizmodo]