NVIDIA Announces Interactive Ray Tracing Engine

Posted Aug 7, 2009

NVIDIA made a big announcement at the SIGGRAPH 2009 conference in New Orleans, MO earlier this week.  The company announced that they have built the world’s first interactive ray tracing engine.  This engine will be used on a line of application acceleration engines.  The acceleration engines include the OptiX ray tracing engine, the CompleX engine, the PhysX engine, and the SceniX engine.

“Thousands of applications are being created today that harness the phenomenal power of GPUs, a clear sign that GPU computing has reached a tipping point. The world of computing is shifting from host-bound processing on CPUs to balanced co-processing on GPUs and CPUs,” stated NVIDIA GM of Professional Solutions Jeff Brown. “NVIDIA application acceleration engines arm developers with the tools they need to further revolutionize both real-time graphics and advanced data analysis.”

SceniX is a scene management engine used for real-time 3D graphics applications. CompleX is used for scene scaling engines that allow applications for managing interactivity while working with complex models. And the PhysX engine provides real-time physics to applications.