Nvidia Project Shield Handheld Lets You Take PC Games Anywhere

Posted Jan 9, 2013

At CES 2013, Nvidia announced a new handheld called Project Shield.  Project Shield lets you play native Android and PC games streamed from GeForce computers.  The game is displayed on a 5-inch screen or large screen TV through an HDMI cable.  The Project Shield will be powered by the Tegra 4 processor and it will be able to run apps from the Google Play Store.  The 5-inch display is a multitouch screen and displays games at 720p.  The 38-watt hour battery should be able to deliver 5-10 hours of gaming or stream HD video for up to 24 hours.  The Project Shield has a sound-processing system that can be compared to the quality of Beats Audio on a laptop.  The handheld also has a microSD card expansion slot.  The controller looks very similar to an Xbox 360 controller.  The design of the handheld includes a D-Pad, dual control sticks, action buttons, and bumpers.