NVIDIA reveals 192-core mobile chip called the Tegra K1

Posted Jan 6, 2014

NVIDIA has announced a 192-core mobile chip called the Tegra K1. The K1 comes with either two or four CPU cores. NVIDIA also revealed the Tegra K1 VCM, which is designed for cars.

NVIDIA is currently used in 4.5 million cars. The Tegra K1 uses the same Kepler graphics engine used in NVIDIA’s desktop computers. Epic Games will be launching the next version of the Unreal PC game engine to Tegra K1.

The K1 will show up in products starting in the first half of the year. A 64-bit version of the chip that uses two cores based on the ARM v8 engine will hit the market in the second half of the year, according to Re/Code.

“To process the steady deluge of sensor and camera data required by a self-driving car, NVIDIA is bringing highly energy-efficient supercomputer technology inside the vehicle,” stated Taner Ozcelik, VP and general manager of the Automotive business at NVIDIA. “Tegra K1 solves this by providing 10 times the computing power of previous mobile processors without consuming additional energy.”