President Obama Launches A “Fiscal Cliff” Twitter Campaign #My2K

Posted Dec 10, 2012

President Obama has launched a public relations campaign on Twitter called #My2K.  President Obama is asking supports to call upon Congress to build support for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff.  “Middle-class families, folks who are working hard to get into the middle class, they’re watching what we do right now. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, when the American people speak loudly enough, lo and behold, Congress listens,” stated the president at the White House today.

“I believe that both parties can agree on a framework that does that in the coming weeks. In fact, my hope is to get this done before Christmas,” added the President.

In the President’s plan, he would raise taxes on the top 2% as part of a way to reduce the deficit.  He is focused on tax breaks for the middle class.   The Obama administration is estimating that the typical middle class family of four would see their taxes get raised $2,200 if Congress does not extend the current rate.

“It’s $2,200 out of people’s pockets. That means less money for buying groceries, less money for filling prescriptions, less money for buying diapers,” he said. “It means a tougher choice between paying the rent and paying tuition. And middle-class families just can’t afford that right now,” stated the President.

President Obama asked the public to go on Twitter and use the hashtag #My2K to help push lawmakers to act upon the initiative.

“Tell members of Congress what a $2,000 tax hike would mean to you. Call your members of Congress. Write them an email. Post it on their Facebook walls,” he said. “Some of you may remember that a year ago, during our last big fight to protect middle-class families, tens of thousands of working Americans called and tweeted and emailed their representatives, asking them to do the right thing. And sure enough, it worked.”