Oculu files trademark infringement lawsuit against Oculus

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Oculu is a video streaming service that has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Oculus in the Central District for California. Oculu claims that consumers may confuse their brand with headset company Oculus. Oculu is claiming “false designation of origin, trademark dilution, and unfair competition.”

This lawsuit was filed by Kristensen Weisberg, LLP and Daniels, Fine, Israel, Schonbuch & Lebovits, LLP. Oculu said that they filed its trademark for the streaming of audio and video by “means of the Internet” in 2010, which is ahead of the creation of the Oculus in 2012. Oculu said that streaming audio and video is part of Oculus’ product roadmap for the Rift.

?Unfortunately, (Oculus co-founder Palmer) Luckey decided that he would simply add an ‘s’ to Oculu’s registered trademark and call his product and online video distribution network, Oculus. It could have adopted any number of trademarks.” Furthermore, the suit alleges that Oculus reached out to Oculu about buying the streaming company’s domain name, because “they know the names are inherently too close and confusing,” states the lawsuit.

[Source: ArsTechnica.com]