Oculus Names Doom Creator John Carmack As Chief Technology Officer

Posted Aug 7, 2013

Oculus has named game developer John Carmack as the chief technology officer of the company.  Carmack is known for being the creator of Doom and Quake.  Oculus is known for creating the new, popular virtual reality headset.  Carmack is also known for being the co-founder of id Software.

Carmack will remain at id Software while working at Oculus also.  Carmack has been a believer of the Oculus Rift since the beginning.  He was one of the first developers to integrate the Rift into a game when the hand-held was a prototype without an SDK.  The Oculus Rift recently hit their one year anniversary on Kickstarter.

Oculus raised almost $2.5 million from 9,500 people.  The company is hoping to have a production model available by early next year.