OCZ Unleashes Alchemy Illuminati Keyboard

Posted Feb 19, 2009

OCZ normally is best known for creating power supplies, flash media, DDR2 memory, DDR3 memory, and other PC components.  But this is the first time I’ve heard that they have created a keyboard.  This keyboard is part of a product-line called Alchemy.  The keyboard in the above picture is called the Alchemy Illuminati.  The keyboard can be lit up in blue or red.

The Illuminati also has 14 multimedia and Internet hotkeys.  It works as a plug-and-play with Windows XP and Windows Vista, but does not work with OS X.

The keyboard is 215mm x 495mm x 30mm.  It weighs about 850g.  There’s no news yet about when it will be available and for what price.  If anyone finds out, please comment it on this blog post.

For more info, check out the OCZ website.