Microsoft Now Has Real-Time Editing On Office 365

Posted Nov 8, 2013

Microsoft has added the ability to edit documents in real-time using Office 365.  This feature has been available on Google Docs for a while now.  This feature is available on the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

“Using real-time co-authoring, colleagues, friends and family can contribute and edit documents simultaneously in the Word Web App, PowerPoint Web App or Excel Web App. New real-time presence helps you see where your co-authors are working in the document so that you don’t create conflicts as you edit. Additionally, the new ability to see changes to text and formatting as they happen will help you and your co-authors stay on the same page as your ideas develop and evolve,” stated Amanda Lefebvre in a blog post from earlier this week.

Traditionally, documents were shared back-and-forth through e-mail so these changes are essential to increase productivity.

Microsoft announced several other changes in Office 365 as well.

– The Word Web App now has the ability to support find and replace, headers and footers (including page numbers), table styles, and page break support.  It also has more polished formatting.

– The Excel Web App lets people drag-and-drop spreadsheet cells, the ability to open spreadsheets with protected sheets, and the ability to quickly direct the app to calculate totals and averages.  You can also reorder different sheets within a single spreadsheet.

– The PowerPoint Web App gives people the ability to crop photos and rename files within the editing window.