Oh No He Didn’t! Google Blocks Facebook From Importing Gmail Contacts!

Posted Nov 5, 2010

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) has blocked Facebook from importing Gmail contacts to find friends. In Google’s Terms of Service, the search engine company made a change. Any company that access Google’s Contacts APIs will need to offer some sort of reciprocity. C’mon Google, whatever happened to “Don’t be evil.”

The reason why Google blocked Facebook is because the social network never allowed users to export the contact information of their friends. Below is the change that Google made in section 5.8 of their Contacts API Terms of Service:

5.8. Google supports data portability. By accessing Content through the Contacts Data API or Portable Contacts API for use in your service or application, you are agreeing to enable your users to export their contacts data to other services or applications of their choice in a way that?s substantially as fast and easy as exporting such data from Google Contacts, subject to applicable laws.