Ohio State’s Dr. Christopher Kaeding Uses Google Glass During An Operation

Posted Aug 28, 2013

Dr. Christopher Kaeding is a surgeon at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center that became the first doctor to consult long-distance with a colleague through long-distance with the help of Google Glass.  With Google Glass, he was able to give his colleague a live, point-of-view video while conducting the surgery.  The surgery was performed on August 21st.

Dr. Christopher Kaeding is the director of sports medicine at Ohio State University and he was operating on the ACL of 47-year-old Paula Kobalka.  He transmitted the video through a Google Hangout video chat.

“Experts have theorized that during surgery doctors could use voice commands to instantly call up x-ray or MRI images of their patient, pathology reports or reference materials. They could collaborate live and face-to-face with colleagues via the internet, anywhere in the world,” said Ohio State in a statement.

Dr. Kaeding’s colleague Dr. Ismail Nabeel, an assistant professor of general internal medicine at Ohio State, was chosen to participate in the Google Explorer Program.  Dr. Nabeel partnered with Kaeding for the surgery to test out how the technology can be used during surgeries.

[Source: BusinessInsider]