Oklahoma Twitter User Daniel Knight Hayden Arrested Over Threatening Comments

Posted Apr 27, 2009

Daniel Knight Hayden has made some menacing comments on his Twitter account under the user name CitizenQuasar.  He wrote these messages from Oklahoma City where he was taken into custody for using the service.  On Twitter, Hayden suggested that he was planning a war with the local government and police.  Hayden said he was even willing to die for the cause.

“The WAR wWIL start on the stepes of the Oklahoma State Capitol. I will cast the first sotne. In the meantime, I await the police,” stated Hayden on Twitter. “START THE KILLING NOW!”

Hayden also mentioned that if police interfere with his cause, then he would “cut their heads off … and throw them on the State Capitol steps.”  After Hayden was arrested and questioned, he was placed in a halfway house.

Oklahoma City has become alarmingly sensitive since the Timothy McVeigh bomed the Murrah building in April 1995 which beame to be known as the deadliest homegrown terrorism act in America’s history.

Hayden also has a MySpace account where he associates with a group called the Oath Keepers.  The Oath Keepers is an anti-government organization where they claim that they are the defenders of the U.S. Constitution.