Old BitTorrent Website Filesoup Shutting Down

Posted Jun 5, 2012

Filesoup is the oldest surviving BitTorrent website. Filesoup will be shutting down after being online since 2003. Filesoup has been around before popular BitTorrent websites like isoHunt and The Pirate Bay. After the two Filesoup founders were arrested in 2009 and their officers were raided, user interest had fallen. Both men were let go by the authorities last year after their case was dismissed.

All of the evidence brought forth against the two Filesoup founders were solely provided by Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT), which was considered unreliable.

?Unfortunately, the glory days are in the past. When I was raided almost 3 years ago, there was a mass exodus and since then Filesoup?s interest has continued to wane severely, which for me, has been so sad to experience,? said one of the Filesoup founders. ?Filesoup has had a great run, since February 2003 we were online as one of the first BitTorrent sites and with our vibrant, helpful community, we grew at a tremendous rate, to at one time being listed in the top 50k visted websites on the internet. We morphed, updated, expanded and changed so much over the years, it was truly an awesome ride.?

The website domain name is being put up for auction, but he is not selling the database.