Olympics Opening Ceremony Hit A High Of 26.9 Million Simultaneous Viewers

Posted Jul 28, 2012

Movie director Danny Boyle choreography the Olympics Opening Ceremony last night.  Boyle is known for directing the movie Slumdog Millionaire too.  The opener won over big for the BBC and it outperformed all other opening ceremonies for the Olympics.

The ceremony hit 22.4 million viewers with an 82.5% audience share.  This is the highest for the BBC since 1998.  The 2004 opening ceremony in Athens scored an average of 8.7 million with a 41% share in primetime and the Beijing opener hit 5.1 million viewers with a 51% share.

The opener started at 9PM local time and peaked for 5 minutes at 9:45PM with around 26.9 million people tuning in at the same time to watch Boyle’s Isles of Wonder, which involved a parachuting Queen, several flying Mary Poppins, a Mr. Bean montage, and a performance from Paul McCartney.

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