OMG! Miley Cyrus Deletes Her Twitter Account!

Posted Oct 8, 2009

For most of the day today, #mileycomeback was the trending topic on Twitter. This is because Miley Cyrus has quit Twitter. “FYI Liam doesn’t have a Twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason,” was Cyrus’ last tweet. Miley was referring to Australian actor Liam Hemsworth.

Hemsworth and Cyrus are starring in a movie together called The Last Song and they are rumored to be dating. Miley and her mom’s Twitter account are both now offline. However Miley’s brother Trace and sister Brandi are still sending tweets.

Miley had about 2 million followers by the time she quit. All things considered, I think this is a bad marketing move for the singer. She is cutting off a way for her to communicate with her fans directly. I’m sure if she tweeted her Twitter followers to download her music on iTunes, a large number of them would do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back sometime in the near future.